I Carusi – Restaurant Review

Last night we had another catch up with Friends, we were looking for somewhere central for everyone and with the help of Urbanspoon we chose I Carusi in Brunswick.


A small restaurant with a nice vibe (with one exception which I will go into later). The menu is solely made up of Pizza, so it’s pretty much the perfect menu. I had a real hard time deciding on which one I wanted, as i really wanted 5 of them. After some debating, I chose 2, the Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheeses) as well as the Alla Moda Di Mario (Pancetta, Red Onion, Chilli). The pizzas were delivered in a pretty quick time, when they hit the table my mouth was watering from all the cheesy goodness! Melted cheese everywhere! Others in our group had varying pizzas: Genovese, Alla Moda di Giuseppe, Gambari Piccante, Romana.

All the pizzas looked amazing, and everyone really enjoyed them.

There was however one thing that bugged me, as it had been a while since we caught up with the group, we were talking for a fair while, and eventually got the bill, however the waiter thought it would be an awesome idea to stare at our group with the “pay your bill and leave” kind of look. Which was annoying seeing as it was a Sunday night, nobody was waiting for tables, and we spent a fair amount of money as there was 6 in the group.

They also do take away, which would be a perfect night when combined with Beer and Footy 🙂

Definitely check it out!
I Carusi on Urbanspoon

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